CUB SCOUT PACK 337, Melbourne, FL
Exciting, Active, Organized, and Focused on Building Strong Character in Boys.

Pack 337 has at it's core strong, dedicated, experienced leaders who have a profound interest in developing Strong Character, Good Citizenship, Duty to God, and life-long skills into the boys they lead.


Dan & Kim McMillan – Webelos I/II Den 8 Committee Chairman, Advancements
Dan and Kim have been with the Pack since 2007. Dan is employed as a Software Engineer at Harris Corporation.  Dan is originally from West Virginia and has called Melbourne home for the since 1996.  Dan and his wife Kim have four children; three sons named Connor, Zane, and Nathan and one daughter named Samantha.  Dan’s interests include family, soccer, football, little league, fishing, camping, golf, and
H: 321-259-1060
C: 321-591-5108

Dan Walton - Cubmaster & Committee Member
Dan is currently the Scoutmaster of BSA Troop 337 and a Committee Member of Pack 337, serving as Webmaster.  He works as a Satellite Software Engineer at Harris GCSD Wickham 2 facility in Melbourne.  Dan, his wife Donna, and four boys have lived in the community all of their lives.  Dan’s interests include family, fishing, worship music, audio systems, camping and of course Scouting.
H: 255-7233
C: 693-2807
Chad Eberle - Bear Den 2 Leader and Webmaster
Chad, his wife Shannon, and their three children Jacen, Hannah, and Orion live in Melbourne. This is his second year with the Pack. Chad was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has lived in numerous places across the US. Chad is employed by Health-First, as an IT Field Service Technician. His interests include computers, drawing, camping, and travels with his family.

Jennifer White - Treasurer
Jennifer, her husband D and their two children have lived in Melbourne since 2005. Jennifer has been in the banking industry for 15 years. Her interests include family, camping, reading and scouting.

TBD - Wolf Den 3 Leader


Spiros Nifakos – Committee Member, Charter Organization Representative
Spiros, along with his wife Jennifer and their two boys Mark and Will have lived here in Melbourne since 2004. Before coming here, Spiros was in the U.S. Navy and had the privilege of serving as a Naval Aviator for almost 10 years flying aircraft like the F-14 and the A-6.  He is now a small business owner and works for his company Mega Technologies as an independent sales and marketing representative for 12 different microchip manufacturers.   Spiros enjoys spending time with his wife and family doing things like fishing, boating, kayaking, and camping.
C: 321-223-1853
Charter Organization Website: 

TBD - Tiger Den Leader


Robert Baer – Committee Member
Robert has been with the Pack since 2004.  Robert and his wife Michelle have two boys, Robbie who is a Boy Scout and Gregory. Robert also is a Assistant Scoutmaster,Popcorn Kernel and Troop Trainer for Troop 337.Robert works at Harris at the Malabar Campus. Robert likes to spend his time with his family and enjoys being outdoors. 
C: 987-5287

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